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TPRM Strategy Guide – The Network Approach to Third Party Risk Management

What is TPRM? While many large organizations, otherwise known as enterprises, have no need to ask this question. Many other organizations, including third party vendors, may be less familiar with third party risk management. To address this knowledge gap, ThirdPartyTrust has released a TPRM strategy guide equally useful to enterprises and third party vendors. The…


TPRM – what can be improved?

In many organizations third-party risk management is still a new and immature business function with limited staff. Learn how ThirdPartyTrust Enterprise solution can help you improve your TPRM internal process, avoiding TPRM teams struggle to perform onboarding and assessment functions effectively: Define your internal TPRM process – TPRM is still new and many TPRM teams…


What is TPRM?

Establishing and keeping relationships with third parties, as an enterprise, brings about multiple risks. In many organizations third-party risk management is still a new business function and TPRM importance may not be clear.   Regardless of your organization size, as an enterprise you most certainly have business relationships with many third parties for specific types…


ThirdPartyTrust partners with BitSight to integrate Assessment Accelerator into TPRM

ThirdPartyTrust’s TPRM solution for enterprises and third party vendors relies on seamless integration between organizations, suppliers, and–of course–data providers. One of our longest-running partners is BitSight, whose continuous monitoring and threat intelligence data is integrated into our platform to provide the most robust dataset on the market for making vendor risk decisions. Combining BitSight’s data…