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September 27, 2022
shadow it risks

5 Shadow IT Risks to Address

The use of unsanctioned technologies can create different types of Shadow IT risks. Here's how to keep your network safe.
September 20, 2022

Should You Embrace Shadow IT?

While expanding the attack surface, Shadow IT can be both a risk and an opportunity for IT and security leaders. Here's why.
September 19, 2022
shadow it tips - managing shadow it

5 Tips for Managing Shadow IT

As employees work remotely, organizations need to minimize their blindspots. Make managing Shadow IT your first step.
September 15, 2022
shadow it and remote work

Remote Work and Shadow IT – How to securely support WFH policies

Does increased remote work mean increased risk? These are the areas you need to secure to prevent Shadow IT issues in remote work.
September 13, 2022
shadow it stats

15 Eye-Opening Shadow IT Stats You Need To Be Aware Of

The use of unsanctioned technology is growing rapidly. To thrive in this environment, you need to be aware of these Shadow IT stats.
September 12, 2022
building a shadow it policy

Building a Shadow IT Policy: What CEOs, CTOs, and CISOs Need to Know

As businesses move to the cloud and remote workers try to get things done, a Shadow IT policy is imperative to reduce risk.
February 7, 2022

To Share or Not to Share? The State of Passwords

What are commonly held opinions on password use? We surveyed over 1,000 Americans to find out.
March 4, 2021
digital transformation and third-party risk management

Digital Transformation & Third-Party Risk Management, Closer than Ever

According to Gartner, 69% of Boards of Directors accelerated their digital transformation initiatives following COVID-19 disruption last year. So how does this impact TPRM?
February 18, 2021
email security vulnerabilities

Email Security Vulnerabilities Causing Most Cyber Insurance Claims

Protecting email accounts goes beyond passwords. Here are 5 tips to prevent email security vulnerabilities from affecting your organization.