The ThirdPartyTrust company actually started from the vendor pain point in the vendor risk management process. Vendors are inundated, just as much as enterprises, with risk assessments and are continually directed from portal to portal that is until ThirdPartyTrust came along.

We are unique because we built a solution that’s robust and feature rich for our enterprise customers but also an extremely valuable tool for vendors. In our eyes, the only way to solve this problem effectively is to make sure it’s solved on both sides of the equation. Now, vendors can get mileage out of the work that they put in. This leads to greater outcomes for the enterprises as the data is up-to date and easily accessible.

We built ThirdPartyTrust on the premise that vendor risk management must be managed in a simple and scalable way. Our network based approach allows both companies and vendors to simplify the information gathering and communication process. 

We make everyone’s life easier, that’s what sets us apart and that is our vision.

The problem we solve


No one likes to sit at their desk, sort through hundreds of emails and wait for replies on simple questions. We understand that, so we solved for it. We’re making talking to your vendors and teams more effective by focusing on tools that facilitate collaboration and communication. 


With ThirdPartyTrust’s approach, we’re giving some of the responsibility of upkeep and management to the vendors. A place to store and maintain security documents ready for assessment at any time. 

Information Sharing

As a community of information security professionals, we are better when we share information quickly. We built a solution with automation and self-management in mind meaning we are the technology that allows you to build and share a security profile. The collective intelligence is built-in and benefits are apparent. 


ThirdPartyTrust is fortunate to have guidance and counsel from our exceptional Board of Advisors. The Board is composed of C-level security executives and corporate officers from leading firms:

Our Chicago-based technology company is hyper-focused on building best-in-class technology using modern architecture, languages and tools. Our teams’ combination of various backgrounds, experiences and skill sets is what makes us unique and sets us apart.