About Us

ThirdPartyTrust is a third-party risk management platform for enterprises and third party vendors to perform assessments, automate TPRM workflows, and share security documents.

Who we are

ThirdPartyTrust is a Chicago-based SaaS company built on the premise that third-party risk must be managed in a simple and scalable way. Our unique network-based approach allows: Enterprises to streamline the information gathering and communication process while conducting security assessments, and Third party vendors to be able to maintain security data in one central location and share it with current and prospective customers.


What we do

For both enterprises and third parties, ThirdPartyTrust offers the most simple, yet comprehensive, solution to building and scaling third party risk management. Whether you need to accelerate the third party assessment and questionnaire review process, or scale your security response process as a vendor, we have the tools to accelerate your security assessments and speed to close.

Why ThirdPartyTrust

Our unique network approach streamlines collaboration between enterprises and third party vendors in one single platform, by leveraging pre-existing risk profiles, custom requirements and process automation. This increases capacity to manage and respond to security risk assessments on both sides, eliminating repetitive tasks and the dependency on emails and spreadsheets.

  • Anders Norremo,
    ThirdPartyTrust offers a unique platform that automates security questionnaires, collects information and evidence from attestations and reports such as SOC, and provides a holistic view of the life cycle of risk assessments.
    Anders Norremo,
    CEO, ThirdPartyTrust

Preeminent Board of Advisors

ThirdPartyTrust is fortunate to have guidance and counsel from our exceptional Board of Advisors. The Board is composed of C-level security executives and corporate officers from leading firms:

John Hochevar
Information Security Officer, American Family Insurance

Bradley Schaufenbuel
Chief Information Security Officer, Paychex

Nathan Smolenski
Director, Enterprise Strategy, Netskope

Fawaz Rasheed
CISO, Northwestern Mutual.

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