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Whether you call it TPRM or VRM, we are dedicated to creating the largest third party risk management network and making the due diligence process as seamless as possible for both the enterprise and third party vendors.

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To simplify and modernize third party risk management through process automation and centralized communication by providing an end-to-end solution with security assessment requests and responses all in one place.

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    We are relentless about serving our customers. We always work with tenacity and determination in everything we do. We face every challenge that our daily work poses with gusto and determination.

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    It’s only through teamwork that we achieve greatness. Our professionals have a predisposition to continuous learning, growing, and collaboration that generates a natural synergy to make for a more meaningful platform. We respect the individual and celebrate the things that make each person unique.

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    We are truly professionals that love what we do. Each individual contributes their best in everything to achieve optimal results. Life is too short to do things that do not bring you joy. We believe in the mission and live the ThirdPartyTrust values on a daily basis.

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    Being honest and inspiring confidence are the spirit essentials of ThirdPartyTrust. Trust is needed for a sustainable and successful collaboration. Our customers and partners look to us to help them safeguard their business, that’s something we do not take lightly. We strive everyday to do our very best to live up to those expectations.

anders norremo


Anders Norremo is the CEO and Founder of ThirdPartyTrust. He has 15 years of experience related to information security and technology, creating state-of-the-art scalable SaaS companies.

Anders comes from Sweden, where he grew up learning everything about computers and coding. His expertise in identifying trends and building solutions has propelled ThirdPartyTrust into solving the industry problem of a manual, archaic and time consuming third-party risk management process.

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    ThirdPartyTrust offers a unique platform that automates security questionnaires, collects information and evidence from attestations and reports such as SOC, and provides a holistic view of the life cycle of risk assessments.

    Anders Norremo, CEO, ThirdPartyTrust

Preeminent Board of Advisors

ThirdPartyTrust is fortunate to have guidance and counsel from our exceptional Board of Advisors. The Board is composed of C-level security executives and corporate officers from leading firms: