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A streamlined process on both ends

Reduce redundancies and inefficiencies involved in third-party risk assessments to speed up the vendor review process and customer security requests.

Automated TPRM

for Enterprises

  • Automated third-party risk assessments
  • Standard & custom questionnaire access
  • Full assessments package
  • Security rating data
  • Role-based access
  • Unlimited training and support

Beacon Security Profile

for third-parties

  • Automated response to security assessments
  • Standard & custom questionnaire access
  • SIG / SIG-Lite access
  • 10x integrated data feeds
  • Unlimited platform users
  • Unlimited training and support
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    Automated TPRM

    Get rid of emails and spreadsheets by digitizing the third-party risk assessment process.

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    We are the online network to connect, assess, and share relevant security documentation.

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    Industry Agnostic

    Third-party risk can be managed in an efficient and scalable way given the right toolset, regardless of the industry.


Vendors already assessed on our platform to expedite your risk assessments.

Utilizing workflow automation and powerful collaboration tools, teams can reduce the time it takes to complete assessments from months to days.

ThirdPartyTrust can help you streamline your TPRM program

Remain compliant and improve the overall health status across the third‑party ecosystem and supply chain.