Beacon By ThirdPartyTrust

A centralized profile to easily share your third party vendor security posture with your customers


As a third party vendor, you are inundated with security risk assessment requests from your customers. With Beacon by ThirdPartyTrust, your company can take command of due diligence requests through a centralized security profile comprising all your questionnaires, certifications, and attestations. Answer them once and easily share your profile to reduce the time spent on assessments, close faster, and enable a scalable response process.


Build confidence in your security response process

Maintain Ownership

Get Ahead of Security Assessments


Include all your questionnaires, certifications and attestations, such as: SIG Core and Lite, Cloud Security Alliance CAIQ, SOC reports, ISO certifications, HiTrust, NERC CIP, NYCRR, pen tests, insurance documentation, and more.

Stop sales and support staff from sharing your company’s security documents insecurely by having a process in place. You will differentiate from your competitors proving to your customers their data will be safe.

There aren’t enough hours in the day to respond to each customers’ request. Save time and effort by securely sharing a single security profile, and avoid starting from scratch on every customer security assessment.

If an issue arises regarding a security assessment, you can start direct messaging with your customer without leaving the platform. Thus, cutting down the back and forth and lowering the amount of emails and calls.

Build your security profile in one place and share it with any company

Respond to vendor risk assessment requests and close more quickly by securely saving your responses in one place. Join 12,000+ other third parties who have already built customizable security profiles that can be sent out to inquiring companies.

Discover how Beacon by ThirdPartyTrust can save you time and eliminate repetitive tasks by helping you scale your security response process through:

  • Automating your responses to security assessments
  • Customizing your responses to each request
  • Notifying customers when there’s an update in your profile
  • Accessing industry questionnaires and ratings

Save time. Be organized. Show your strength.

Only Beacon by ThirdPartyTrust automates and curates your security responses and documents in one place, ensuring that you respond to requests quickly and confidently.

* ThirdPartyTrust respects your privacy and takes comprehensive measures to safeguard your personal and business information. We will not share your information with any third-parties without your permission.

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