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All of your vendors in one dashboard

TPRM & Automated Vendor Risk Assessments

TPRM by ThirdPartyTrust is a third party risk management tool for process automation, document storage, and workflow management.

The tool will help you manage your end-to-end process, reducing the time spent on requesting and reviewing security documents.

The current way:

  • ❌ Reviews and requests scattered amongst teams and platforms
  • ❌ Data saved across spreadsheets, emails, and hand-written forms
  • ❌ Manual, slow exchanges across weeks, if not months
  • ❌ Reliance on incomplete or outdated data to make decisions

The TPRM way:

  • ✅ A single source of truth, shareable across teams and orgs
  • ✅ All data captured and analyzed in one dashboard
  • ✅ Automated, accelerated response and close to sales times
  • ✅ Real time updates and continuous monitoring of supply chain

Improve your supply chain security
in three easy steps


Leverage the top industry questionnaires to assess third party risk — Free of charge!

Manage your end to end security assessment process

A purpose-built TPRM tool will get your program out of email & spreadsheets quick and easy.

TPRM Features

faster assessment turnaround

Response rate from vendors

Vendors assessed with the same resources

in six months