ThirdPartyTrust works to help businesses understand and address their data security, cyber threats and Vendor Risk Management (‘VRM’) concerns and are committed to creating great solutions to create better insights through simpler exchanges of information.

Making sure you can trust your business partners should be simpler. The challenges involved are complex, always changing and seem like an endless cycle of updating information that is outdated almost as soon as it’s provided. We know first hand how cumbersome keeping up with the spreadsheets and requests for updates.

We wanted a better solution for enterprises and vendors alike, so in 2015 we set out to create a different way of exchanging information that would change the way businesses ask and answer the questions: “Can we trust our vendors?” and, as a vendor: “Are you trustworthy?”

We gathered a strong board of advisors with backgrounds in capital markets, banking, healthcare and supply chain companies to help us focus on their top digital supply chain concerns as we created our new technology platform.

Our Chicago-based technology company is hyper-focused on building best-in-class technology using modern architecture, languages and tools. Our teams’ combination of various backgrounds, experiences and skill sets is what makes us unique and sets us apart.


ThirdPartyTrust is fortunate to have guidance and counsel from our exceptional Board of Advisors. The Board is composed of C-level security executives and corporate officers from leading firms: