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We automate tprm, giving you more time to spend on higher value activities

how do you safeguard your data

When engaging with a vendor, how do you assess their ability to safeguard your data?

3PT secures

We are the online network to connect, assess, and share relevant security documentation

holistic view of your third-party

Leveraging 12,000+ third-parties utilizing our platform, you can expedite the risk assessment process

Get a holistic view of your vendor security


  • 12,000+ vendor inventory
  • Speed & ease of implementation
  • Collaboration
  • Unlimited Custom & Common Questionnaires
  • Automation
  • Program tracking and reporting

There’s a new, easier approach to third-party risk management



The “many to many” approach

Save time by accessing already populated security profiles and by inviting new third-parties to the network. This approach encourages and simplifies participation and avoids the cost of data collection.

Transparency for better planning

Leverage audit trails that identify service level enhancements, performance improvements and gaps in the assessment process.

Better incentives with a network

Increase your assessment rate with a tool that your third-parties will also want to use. Redundancies are removed on both ends and time to completion is reduced from months to weeks.

Streamline and simplify issue tracking

Working with hundreds or thousands of third-parties is made easier with a cross-functional, collaborative platform for issue management, that converts identified gaps into actionable and trackable items.

There’s a new, easier approach to third-party risk management

Third-Party Risk Management


Collect documents based on risk

Increase the number of assessments completed per year with requirements such as:

  • Cyber Liability/ Data Privacy, Errors and Omissions, and Directors and Officers and other insurances
  • Certifications such as HIPAA, ISO 27001 and PCI DSS
  • Customized or Industry Standard Questionnaires
  • Attestations such as penetration testing, application scans and general security audits

You can also require your third-party to add their most critical vendors to the platform, thus monitoring fourth-party risk.

Increase transparency around progress

With the ThirdPartyTrust platform, information security teams can share vendor lifecycle statuses, view a real-time progress bar, and even invite business leaders into the process.

Managing findings to close

Security analysts can review findings, assess remediation dates, and view uploaded documents provided by third-parties. They can open a discussion thread without having to call or email.

Tracking, sorting and segmenting

Develop a system of labels, rules and filters to manage the overall approval process, along with a vendor progress status bar for everyone to see. Filters allow you to drill down to the third-parties that need attention.

There’s a new, easier approach to third-party risk management

Automation of Manual Processes


Real-time notifications

Be up to date with third-party activity and their security posture – whether it be a change to an answer in a questionnaire, an updated security policy or document, or a task completed.

Extend your data inputs

Streamline your assessment process and turn on recurring review cycles. 90-60-30 days before, your third-parties will be notified of expiring documents, giving them enough time to update.

A formula for understanding risk

Utilizing pre-built or customizable metrics, teams can score the potential impact a third-party may have on the business, according to information provided by them and data gathered externally.

Data feeds and integrations

Our tool has several pre-built integrations and supports external content providers and standards (SIG, CSA). To accurately understand the risk of each third-party, you can customize the weight of various data inputs.

There’s a new, easier approach to third-party risk management

ThirdPartyTrust was built on one premise

That third-party risk must be managed in an efficient and scalable way given the right toolset, regardless of industry.

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