Simplify risk assessments and ongoing monitoring to scale your business

Frictionless vendor risk management to scale without slowing down

The technology industry needs to build a strong connection with its third-party ecosystem in order to scale with customers’ evolving needs.
Whether you are interacting with a dozen or a thousand third-parties, ThirdPartyTrust can help you reduce overall risk and cost of your program while meeting industry and government regulatory requirements.

How can ThirdPartyTrust help the Technology Industry?

  • Benefit from structured and dynamic data to understand which third-parties pose the greatest risk.
  • Keep up with the status of requested assessments and communicate with third-parties from within the platform.
  • Turn your vendors, suppliers and distributors into trusted third-parties by leveraging over 14,000 third-parties already assessed
  • Integrate ticketing systems other managed services platforms via API.
  • Review and map results of certifications, such as ISO, NIST, GDPR, HIPAA, PCI, SOC 2, SIG, etc.
  • Message third-parties from within the platform to communicate effortlessly regarding security assessments.

Technology Industry Case Study

Leading software provider Spiff uses ThirdPartyTrust to accelerate vendor risk assessments while scaling their own security response process as a vendor, incresing their efficiency by 95%. Ready to follow their steps?
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