Simplify Risk Assessment to Scale Without Slowing Down

The technology industry needs to build a strong connection with its third-party ecosystem in order to scale with customers’ evolving needs.

Whether you are interacting with a dozen or a thousand third-parties, ThirdPartyTrust can help you reduce overall risk and cost of your program while meeting industry and government regulatory requirements.

How can ThirdPartyTrust help the Technology Industry?

  • Benefit from structured and dynamic data to understand which third-parties pose the greatest risk
  • Keep up with the status of requested assessments and communicate with third-parties from within the platform
  • Turn your vendors, suppliers and distributors into trusted third-parties by leveraging over 6,000 third-parties already assessed
  • Integrate ticketing systems other managed services platforms via API
  • Review and map results of certifications, such as ISO, NIST, GDPR, HIPAA, PCI, SOC 2, SIG, etc.
  • Message third-parties from within the platform to communicate effortlessly regarding security assessments

Case Study

Take-Two Interactive reduced time needed to complete assessments from 21 to 14 days with the ThirdPartyTrust platform.

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