Strategy Guides

Our ebooks, checklists, and strategy guides can help you get started with third party risk management and maximize your efforts. Download them for free and get access to valuable research, tips, and insights.
  • Shadow IT Ebook

    This playbook offers policy and strategy suggestions to help you overcome your Shadow IT challenges.
  • Shadow IT Cheat Sheet

    How well are you detecting hidden assets in your network? With Cloud computing and remote work increasing the use of Shadow IT, you need to minimize your blind spots.
  • Zero Days and Your Organization’s Security

    Log4j, SolarWinds, Kaseya... Learn from these zero day attacks and get ahead of the next ones with this strategy guide and exclusive research.
  • Use vendor data in your business decisions

    How would you like to factor your vendor risk findings in decision making? Get the most out of your TPRM tool by integrating it with others.
    tprm integrations
  • Research: The state of passwords

    76% of users change their passwords only when they have to. Are your vendors enforcing security standards that keep your business safe?
    passwords vendor risk management
  • Vendor Risk Management Trends

    Build these vendor risk management trends into your roadmap to face new challenges when securing your supply chain.
    vendor risk management trends