Third Party Risk Management Pricing

ThirdPartyTrust offers you flexible plans to meet your risk management needs while reducing the cost of your TPRM program.

Cost of Risk Management for Enterprises and Vendors


Risk Management Pricing FAQs

1What am I actually paying for?
ThirdPartyTrust offers an online platform for you to manage your end to end TPRM process. Our pricing includes a fixed amount of connections you can establish with vendors (for Enterprise) + an amount of shares of your security profile (for Third Party vendors)
2Do you charge by license?
Not at all – we charge by connections and shares only. We offer you an unlimited number of logins within your customer domain and Role-based access.
3Do you charge extra for Ad-Hoc questionnaires?
No, our plans include all the functionalities within the platform, meaning you don’t need to pay any extra for any particular feature.
4Can you create a specific plan for my needs?
Of course! Contact us so we can work with you and create a pricing strategy that aligns to your third-party portfolio and your business needs to reduce costs.
5Do i need to pay extra for training material?
Not at all! We include free training material and onboarding sessions for you and your team, tailored to your needs and plan.
6Do I need any other tools to use ThirdPartyTrust?
ThirdPartyTrust doesn’t require that you use any other tools or software. We offer 10+ data providing built-in integrations and a fully accessible API for custom integrations, all for the same price.
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