Streamline and Simplify your issue tracking

As the process with working with hundreds of vendors can seem daunting, managing issues doesn’t have to be, as long as you can do it all in one place. The ThirdPartytrust tool enables a cross-functional, co-operative workflow for issue management. It’s a consistent mechanism for converting gaps and issues identified by various assessment processes into action items. Documenting, tracking and reporting on issues with ThirdPartyTrust is seamless.

A finding consists of the following:

      • A new, in progress or completed status
      • A remediation date set by the vendor
      • Discussion threads with the vendor
      • Internal notes and comments
      • Documents related to resolution 

Create a Finding and Keep Moving

Communicating an issue found during a vendor assessment review has never been easier. Assessment findings can be communicated to the vendor without an analyst having to leave the assessment workflow or go to a new screen.

Inside of our super-charged questionnaires, comes the ability create a finding, and prioritize it based on criticality. After creating the finding, the tool automatically notifies the vendor and logs it for review later. All the while, the analyst continues to move along in their review of a questionnaire. 

Managing Findings to Close

When the time is right to go back and review the finding, security analysts will find the vendor has set a date for remediation, notes are recorded and documents are uploaded. Analysts can communicate with vendors in a discussion thread, specifically, regarding the finding and talk through a resolution without having to call or email, unnecessarily. 

Notifications are built-in and both the enterprise and vendor are made aware of when changes occur to findings. Our tool provides a single, standard risk remediation workflow for managing all relevant gaps with vendors. 


“Less paperwork and back and forth between us and our vendors was a significant benefit.”

Information Business Liaison, Trustmark Companies

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