Video Library

Welcome to ThirdPartyTrust’s video library where you can see all the essential tools inside ThirdPartyTrust needed for scaling a third-party risk program. Scaling a vendor risk management program needs the right tools to collaborate with vendors and identify potential gaps.

Product and Feature Videos

Looking for a quick review of the ThirdPartyTrust tool? Watch this video to see how analysts use the tool to assess vendors simply.

Measuring potential business impact by a vendor is critical to understanding which vendors need more attention than others in the assessment process. Learn about impact scoring in the ThirdPartyTrust tool and how it can be used to standardize your measurement of risk. 

Vendors provide certifications, audits and app scans but how do enterprises take all of it into consideration? With the Trust Score by ThirdPartyTrust, considerations like the SecurityScorecard rating, a full-time CISO, audits, certifications, and insurance are weighted and bundled into one score.

Interviews and Media Videos

Watch Anders Norremo, CEO of ThirdPartyTrust, talk to ISACA about the changing landscape of vendor risk management at the Chicago Cyber Security Conference in October of 2017.

CEO of ThirdPartyTrust, Anders Norremo is interviewed by TastyTrade, a Chicago Financial Network news outlet, about building a software business with insights as to why he built business.