Ready to reduce vendor risk assessment turnaround by 75% while increasing security?

TPRM by ThirdPartyTrust can streamline your vendor risk management, ensuring end-to-end oversight into third park risk and compliance, speeding up the assessment process, and automating continuous monitoring.
  • ➡ Get rid of emails and spreadsheet questionnaires
  • ➡ Quantify third party risk to make data-driven decisions
  • ➡ Onboard new vendors faster to scale your business

Get started to assess twice as many vendors without adding headcount.
TPRM by ThirdPartyTrustafter

Drag to improve your workflow

Imagine simplifying your vendor assessments with just one tool

The current way:

  • ❌ Reviews and requests scattered amongst teams and platforms
  • ❌ Data saved across spreadsheets, emails, and hand-written forms
  • ❌ Manual, slow exchanges across weeks, if not months
  • ❌ Reliance on incomplete or outdated data to make decisions

The TPRM way:

  • ✅ A single source of truth, shareable across teams and orgs
  • ✅ All data captured and analyzed in one dashboard
  • ✅ Automated, accelerated response and close to sales times
  • ✅ Real time updates and continuous monitoring of supply chain

Watch us explain how 2 weeks’ of work can be reduced to just 2 days:


Simplify your process in 4 easy steps:

Collect your vendors in one place
  • Import your current vendors and all of their security data
  • Invite new vendors as you engage with them
  • Access the 15,000+ pre-assessed vendors already on the platform

“Does this cost my vendors anything?”

Nope! Any vendors–existing or new–can use the platform free of charge, knowing that their shared data is secure and up to date.
Request what you need
  • Use personalized requests for security reviews
  • Pull from common questionnaires, attestations, insurances, etc.
  • Share NDAs and other deal-specific information

“Do I have to add all of this manually?”

Nope! You can create custom questionnaires, or simply pull from the most common ones already included in the platform: SIG, CIS Controls, CAIQ, NIST, etc.
Review vendors’ security data
  • Collect data in real-time
  • Cut response time from weeks to days
  • Assess using industry security scores

“What security reviews can I use with TPRM?”

Many! TPRM seamlessly integrates with industry-leading score providers including BitSight, RiskRecon, SpyCloud, Osano, and many others.
Analyze your data
  • Proactively monitor vendors’ changing scores
  • Report on findings in line with your risk appetite
  • Use your secure supply chain as a business differentiator

“Is TPRM only used for compliance?”

Nope! Secure companies use it to not only make audits a breeze, but also as a business advantage in the digital marketplace.
“ThirdPartyTrust solved the rinse and repeat problem with TPRM. It makes third party risk assessments almost painless for both sides, and it has created a growing network of vendor profiles that made our assessments 95% faster”.

Sean Jackson, Director of Information Security at Spiff Inc


Understaffed? Under-resourced? No problem!

assessment workload reduction
return on investment
sale cycle reduction
vendor acceptance rate

Leverage the top industry questionnaires to assess third party risk — Free of charge!


100s of Teams are using ThirdPartyTrust to accelerate their vendor management, will you?

  • ✅ Forget about emails and spreadsheets
  • ✅ Gain powerful insights to prevent risk
  • ✅ Get 1-on-1 support to set up your TPRM workflow

Let us know your goals and get a fully tailored demo to see how ThirdPartyTrust can work for your organization.


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