Is Shadow IT creating a blind spot for your company’s security?

As you analyze and report on your company’s IT security, don’t let everyday practices like shared passwords, USB drives, or personal emails put your network at risk. We can help you identify and communicate hidden risks to your managers so that you can succeed as the last line of defense.

Shadow IT is the use of technology beyond your IT team’s reach. As teams add to the company stack of tools, mix company and private communication services, and work offsite, the risks that come with Shadow IT increase.

These risks often come from third parties–vendors, apps, services, and networks–that gain access to company information. 

As the leader in third party risk management (TPRM),
ThirdPartyTrust can help you:

  • Identify where Shadow IT risks are.
  • Provide a strategy for minimizing their impact.
  • Educate you about a menu of tools you can use to keep your network safe and your business successful.

of devices in remote office networks have one or more services exposed on the internet.

of remote network IP addresses have exposed cable modem control interfaces.
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