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* ThirdPartyTrust respects your privacy and takes comprehensive measures to safeguard your personal and business information. We will not share your information with any third-parties without your permission.

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How We Help Our Customers

Beacon security profile

for third-parties

  • Automated response to security assessments
  • Standard & custom questionnaire access
  • SIG / SIG-Lite access
  • 10x integrated data feeds
  • Unlimited platform users
  • Unlimited training and support
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    Automated vendor response process

    Save time and effort by sharing your Beacon security profile, thus enabling a scalable response process to reduce the time spent on assessments.

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    A robust security profile

    Centralize questionnaires like SIG Core and Lite, Cloud Security Alliance CAIQ, SOC reports, ISO or HiTrust certifications, pentests, insurance documentation, and more.

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    Improved communication

    If an issue arises, you can start direct messaging with your customer without leaving the platform, cutting down the phone calls and email back and forth.

Beacon Security Profile

Answer Once, Share Many

1 Upload your assurances

2 Upload your questionnaires

3 Check your security scans

4 Share your profile with your customers

Forget about answering the same questionnaires over and over again!

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