We build lasting relationships to empower our customers with additional data inputs that drive value at every stage of the assessment process.

ThirdPartyTrust has partnered and integrated with the most innovative and expert groups
offering security and privacy ratings, as well as additional intelligence on third party vendor's
digital footprint, breach information, and financial risk.

Argos Risk® delivers Third-Party Risk Intelligence and daily monitoring to help organizations manage the risk associated with third-party relationships through all business cycles and economic conditions. AR Surveillance™ provides key metrics and material changes related to the operation and financial viability of commercial clients, account debtors, and essential third-party vendors.
BitSight provides the most widely adopted Security Ratings solution globally with a mission to change the way the world addresses cyber risk with actionable data. BitSight has ratings for over 200,000 companies and continuously monitors and rates 23 unique areas of cyber risk/performance.
ThirdPartyTrust seamlessly integrates BitSight’s continuous monitoring and threat intelligence data into its platform to provide the most robust dataset on the market for making vendor risk decisions. Combining BitSight’s data and 3PT’s best in class workflow management/automation functionality results in the best end to end toolset for assessing any third-party’s security posture.
GRF is a provider and hub for cyber and geopolitical threat intelligence exchange among sharing communities from many different sectors. ThirdPartyTrust arms GRF member companies with additional information when evaluating vendors which often play a critical role in a company’s business but can expose it to supply chain security risks.
Our partnership puts the network-enabled ThirdPartyTrust platform in the hands of every LS-ISAO member to solve the industry problem of third-party risk.
Global Resilience Federation and ThirdPartyTrust have a partnership that allows GRF members to collaborate in a platform created for peer-sourced risk assessment. Just as ISACs and ISAOs “trust source” intelligence analysis, members can do the same with vendor evaluation.”

Mark Orsi, President, GRF.

GuidePoint Security provides world-class solutions designed to create a safer, more secure technological environment for customers and citizens. GuidePoint Security’s professionals provide the most customized, innovative solutions possible by embracing new technologies and using first-rate business practices.
ThirdPartyTrust has partnered with GuidePoint as their preferred TPRM workflow & document management SaaS provider both for standalone sale and to complement their robust TPRM managed services offering.
Osano is an easy-to-use, complete data privacy platform that quickly helps businesses to become compliant with virtually all privacy legislation around the globe. Platform features include consent management, data subject access requests, GDPR representative services and vendor monitoring. Its cookie consent management software is the most widely used in the world. More than 750k websites trust Osano to ensure their compliance with data privacy legislation.
Optiv is a security solutions integrator that enables clients to reduce risk by taking a strategic approach to cybersecurity. Their full suite of service capabilities, from strategy to technology (and everything in between), allows Optiv to align their recommendations to programs’ specific business objectives.
Through this partnership, we bundle risk assessment automation & managed security services. The primary goal is to empower enterprises with a streamlined risk management solution with dynamic executive dashboards that measure critical risks and provide an accurate visualization of third-party risk across the organization.
RiskRecon is set to make the Internet more secure by delivering a trusted and transparent view into enterprise security programs that will prompt all organizations to adhere to security best practices.
“Our integration with ThirdPartyTrust empowers our joint customers to utilize RiskRecon continuous monitoring intelligence and drive their ability to make data-driven risk-based decisions. We believe that our combined approach creates the easiest path for understanding and acting on your third party cyber risk.”

Kelly White, CEO RiskRecon

SpyCloud is focused on preventing account takeover fraud with proactive solutions, which protect billions of employee and consumer accounts worldwide.
SpyCloud has partnered with ThirdPartyTrust to help you get a snapshot of your exposure and the exposure of your vendors. Understanding this provides clear and actionable insight when performing assessments and due diligence.
Supply Wisdom is an industry leading patented, real-time and continuous risk intelligence solution, that monitors risk across the broadest framework available in the market. Supply Wisdom provides the free Geo-Political risk scores that appear in your ThirdPartyTrust dashboard. With 100% curated news alerts, Supply Wisdom’s patented risk monitoring solution provides organizations with the real-time risk intelligence needed to effectively manage third-party risk.
“We are thrilled to partner with Third Party Trust in order to offer their customers the ability to continuously monitor their third-parties, instead of using the traditional static approach of point-in-time assessments. Our comprehensive risk framework provides real-time risk intelligence across 6 third-party and 8 location-based risks at both the country and city levels.”

Atul Vashistha, Supply Wisdom Chairman


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