TPRM Integrations

Expand your vendor risk management capability across business applications
As enterprise IT demands expand and become more complex, system & data integration is becoming increasingly significant and one of the main requirements for business progress. Leverage the extra value ThirdPartyTrust can add to our customers with powerful integrations.


What is it?
System integration brings different programs together to work smoothly without interfering with each other or demanding duplicate actions from the users, so that data can flow seamlessly and uninterruptedly.
Why do it?
Integrating ThirdPartyTrust to your current system is an excellent alternative to custom software development, which will significantly improve the efficiency, productivity and quality of your everyday operations and your TPRM process.
How does it work?
With the use of fully accessible APIs, your third party risk assessment data can be integrated into a wide variety of systems, such as:
  • GRC platforms like ServiceNow or RSA Archer
  • Ticketing systems like JIRA or ServiceNow
  • Reporting solutions such as Power BI or Qlik

System & Data Integrations

Leverage the extra value ThirdPartyTrust can add to your vendor management and third party risk assessment.


What is it?
Data integration is about giving you all the possibilities to include our best partner’s valuable information to drive value at every stage of your assessment process.
Why do it?
To make data-driven decisions, take advantage of ThirdPartyTrust data partners by integrating this information in your third party risk assessments.
How does it work?
It’s easy and simple, we’ve done all the work for you. You can find our partner’s data already integrated in our tool, the most innovative and expert so you can harness the power of our platform to detect compliance and risk issues across your vendor population.


Explore the system integration options ThirdPartyTrust has to offer.
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