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Ensure All Third-Parties Are Securing Your Patient’s Data

Healthcare organizations need to bring in a large number of technology providers and other third-parties to assist in delivering medical services. At the same time, they need to protect healthcare records and sensitive data from patients and employees, which make them prime targets for cyber attacks.

ThirdPartyTrust helps assessing third-parties and ensuring HIPAA compliance. The number of healthcare providers in our platform grows everyday, with updated security profiles that make it faster for healthcare companies to conduct assessments.

How can ThirdPartyTrust help the Healthcare Industry?

  • Custom assessments to ensure both internal policy and government regulation compliance.
  • Automation to streamline information gathering and risk monitoring
  • Integration with other managed services platforms via API.
  • Leveraging industry expertise on over 6,000 third-parties already assessed.
  • Review and map results of certifications, such as ISO, NIST, GDPR, HIPAA, PCI, SOC 2, SIG, etc.
  • Access to additional intelligence on the third-party’s digital footprint, breach information and financial risk.

Read the Case Study

Take-Two Interactive reduced time needed to complete assessments from 21 to 14 days with the ThirdPartyTrust platform.


Want to see for yourself?

Slide "ThirdPartyTrust was an easy choice to reduce a heavy flow of customer requests which is increasing as our company grows. Cutting the sales cycle and improving the customer relationship was a no brainer. ThirdPartyTrust is a true partner to Vertafore.” Michelle Covert, Manager, Governance, Risk & Compliance, Vertafore