Hospital systems and the healthcare industry knows it's being targeted

The healthcare industry is one of the most targeted industries by cyber criminals. The black market value for healthcare data is still one of the highest. With sensitive information of nearly every person, the organizations and their third parties are prime targets for attacks.

Hospitals are in the business of providing medical services, a large number of technology providers and other third parties are brought in to assist in delivering of this service.

Healthcare systems like Advocate Healthcare are using ThirdPartyTrust to assess vendors and ensure compliance when it comes to HIPAA regulation. From custom assessments and automation to discussion threads for immediate response, healthcare systems deploy ThirdPartyTrust’s platform for simplifying the process of vendor risk management.

The number of healthcare vendors in the ThirdPartyTrust network is growing everyday. The unique attribute about our solution is vendors manage their own security profiles and can share their profiles with other hospital systems. Vendors get mileage out of their work and healthcare companies can be assured they have up to date information when they assess a vendor.

Healthcare is evolving and rapidly innovating – as innovation continues, healthcare companies need to ensure the vendors they work with are securing sensitive data.