“Our members seek technologies that strengthen security or security operations for their industries, and individual organizations within those industries. ThirdPartyTrust can provide them with a toolset that leverages their existing understanding of a communal, network-based defense and applies it to the specific challenge of risk assessment.”

Partnership Overview

ThirdPartyTrust and GRF have established a partnership to enable all members to solve the industry problem of third-party risk.

Our partnership puts the network-enabled ThirdPartyTrust platform in the hands of every member. By virtue of your association membership, we’ve bundled a license to utilize and gain access to ThirdPartyTrust.

ThirdPartyTrust Platform

ThirdPartyTrust is the first platform that simplifies vendor risk management for the industry.

ThirdPartyTrust enables you to leverage the assessment work done by your peers on common vendors. With more reviews happening across the industry, vendors will be able to remediate gaps more quickly better securing the supply chain for all.

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