Streamline and Simplify Issue Tracking

Working with hundreds of third-parties can seem daunting, but it isn’t if you manage everything in one place. ThirdPartytrust enables a cross-functional, cooperative workflow for issue management, that allows to convert identified gaps and issues into action items for easily documenting, tracking and reporting on issues.


Create a Finding and Keep Moving

Assessment findings can be prioritized and easily communicated to the third-party without the analyst having to leave the workflow or go to a new screen.

A finding consists of the following:

  • A new, in progress or completed status
  • A remediation date set by the third-party
  • Discussion threads
  • Internal notes and comments
  • Documents related to resolution

The tool automatically notifies the third-party and logs the finding for review later. All the while, the analyst continues to move along in their review of a questionnaire.

Managing Findings to Close

When the time is right to go back and review the finding, security analysts will find the third-party has set a date for remediation, notes are recorded and documents are uploaded. They can open a discussion thread and talk through a resolution without having to call or email.