Tackle More Vendor Assessments This Year  

Technology that makes communicating and resolving security gaps simple. With the freedom to customize assessments, teams are focused on analyzing data instead of collecting it.

Allow analysts to spend more time analyzing data

Don’t wait for a vendor to push information to you, get the information you need from the vendor-managed profile. When the annual review comes up, the vendor gets notifications weeks out to make sure the most recent information is up to date when you start. 

Get to know all of your vendors this year

With automation built into the on-boarding and upkeep of vendor security documents, companies can bring on hundreds of vendors in one year. Get started by taking a risk based approach to third party management.

Assess vendors more accurately and quickly

Make it really easy for your vendors to know what you need from them by assigning them custom requirements including insurances, attestations and questionnaires.   

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“A centralized, one-stop shop for all vendor related material and documentation. Also, a nice dashboard showing us at a glance, our vendors and their risk posture throughout our organization.”


Business Security Liaison, Trustmark Companies

Enterprise Features

 The solution supports enterprise class vendor risk management programs by extending the following feature set.