Integrate ThirdPartyTrust with BitSight

Seamlessly integrate BitSight’s Security Ratings and Risk Vectors into the ThirdPartyTrust TPRM platform, increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of your third party risk assessments.
Discover how you can conduct twice as many assessments a year and reduce manual workload by 75% through automating your third party risk management activities and documents in one place.
Let us show you how ThirdPartyTrust works with BitSight to scale and control your vendor risk assessment and continuous monitoring.


faster assessment turnaround


Vendors assessed in the same time frame


ROI realize in the first six months

The ThirdPartyTrust and BitSight integration brings automation to the forefront of vendor risk management processes. With centralized communication that brings repetitive vendor management tasks into one view, ThirdPartyTrust facilitates program scalability and integrates with BitSight security ratings to provide objective, reliable data when security managers need it.