Simplify risk assessments and ongoing monitoring to focus on managing your critical infrastructure

Don't let third party risk jeopardize your supply

Companies from the energy industry rely on a multitude of suppliers that provide technology, materials, data, and professional services. They have to consider risk and compliance in the context of cybercrime, anti-bribery and corruption, and anti-money laundering.
ThirdPartyTrust helps gathering security profiles of thousands of third-parties, so companies can speed up assessments and open threads for immediate response. In addition, customizations and automation help scale third-party risk management programs.

How can ThirdPartyTrust help the Energy Industry?

  • Custom assessments to ensure both internal policy and government regulation compliance.
  • Automation to streamline information gathering and risk monitoring
  • Access to additional intelligence on the third-party’s digital footprint, breach information and financial risk.
  • Leveraging industry expertise on over 14,000 third party vendors already assessed.
  • Integration with other managed services platforms via API.
  • Review and map results of certifications, such as ISO, NIST, GDPR, HIPAA, PCI, SOC 2, SIG, etc.

Energy Industry Case Study

A vertically integrated utility reduced their vendor risk assessment turnaround by 75% replacing manual spreadsheets with an automated workflow.
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