Collaboration Between Enterprises and Vendors

The Network Approach of ThirdPartyTrust allows enterprises and vendors to connect in a single platform to work together and scale risk assessments.
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Discover and Remediate Faster

Third-party risk management involves multiple stakeholders, both internally at companies as well as at their vendors. Working together inside one platform is the key to increase efficiency and shorten completion times.
Multiple individuals at the third-party side can access the ThirdPartyTrust platform at once, either to work on the same or in different questionnaires. They can also chat directly with security analysts to resolve gaps.

Increase Transparency Around Progress

Business unit leaders are constantly asking for updates related to assessments. With the ThirdPartyTrust platform, information security teams can share the high level process and status with a real-time progress bar, or even invite business leaders into the process.

Vendors Manage Their Own Users

Third party vendors receive their own free accounts to self-manage once you’ve invited them into the TPRM platform. All you need is a starting point of contact on their side, who will be able to invite more of their colleagues to complete your requirements. You remain in control with insight via a single risk dashboard.
All in all, it has helped to streamline our security review and assessment process

Business Security Liaison, Trustmark Companies