Discover and Remediate Faster

Third-party risk management involves multiple stakeholders, both internally at companies as well as at their vendors. Working together inside one platform is the key to increase efficiency and shorten completion times.

Multiple individuals at the third-party side can access the ThirdPartyTrust platform at once, either to work on the same or in different questionnaires. They can also chat directly with security analysts to resolve gaps.


Increase Transparency Around Progress

Business unit leaders are constantly asking for updates related to assessments. With the ThirdPartyTrust platform, information security teams can share the high level process and status with a real-time progress bar, or even invite business leaders into the process.

Streamline the Process

Removing emails and phone calls is a key goal of our tool. We’ve developed discussion features allowing third-parties to chat directly with security analysts. They can ask questions, resolve findings in questionnaires and talk about exceptions without having to leave the platform.