What could your business do with a 95% workload reduction in security assessment responses?

That’s how much time and resources third party vendors have reported saving as a result of using Beacon, our automated solution for building and sharing a central security response system. Spend your time on higher impact work and realize ROI within months:

  • Eliminate repetitive tasks
  • Share a single security profile
  • Close deals faster

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Automate your response to security reviews in 4 easy steps

Beacon answers all of your questions related to security responses: How do I collect all of my insurances in one place? How do I automate questionnaire responses? How do I make sure my security ratings are up to date? How do I showcase my security posture?
With Beacon, the entire process is all in one place, putting you in control and simplifying the process.
ThirdPartyTrust solved the rinse and repeat problem with GRC. It makes third party risk assessments almost painless for both sides, and it has created a growing network of vendor profiles to accelerate assessments.

Sean Jackson, Director of Information Security at Spiff Inc

1What is Beacon by ThirdPartyTrust?
Beacon is a SaaS platform that allows you to build a single security profile, centralizing all of your questionnaires and certifications - such as SIG Core and Lite, CAIQ, SOC reports, pentests, etc. When a customer wants to assess your security posture, just share your Beacon profile and avoid the repetitive tasks of answering manual questionnaires.
2What’s the pricing for Beacon?
Access to Beacon starts at $7500. From there, you only pay per share, with an unlimited number of logins within your customer’s domain. You also get access to industry standard and custom questionnaires, security ratings to complement your profile, and unlimited training and support from the ThirdPartyTrust team.
3Do I need any other tools to use Beacon by ThirdPartyTrust?
Beacon doesn’t require that you use any other tools or software to build and share your vendor security profile. But Beacon does play well with other tools: we already offer 10+ data providing built-in integrations and a fully accessible API for custom integrations.
4Can the tool be used to assess the security of other organizations?
Of course! ThirdPartyTrust accelerates the end-to-end security assessment and risk management process for both enterprises and third party vendors. Beacon is often used by third party vendors while our TPRM solution is used by larger companies assessing other companies. Learn how we help enterprises automate their third party risk management initiatives.

Don’t waste another minute on reactive, repetitive questionnaires

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