Learning from the Audit Trail

With an accurate audit trail, your team can keep track of accountability, reconstruct previous events, detect intrusions, and perform problem analysis. This ultimately allows for a deeper understanding of the risk trend of the third-party population.


Access System Activity Easily

With ThirdPartyTrust, teams can maintain a record of user and system activity, including responses to security questions and conversations around findings. Our API allows to easily access this data.

The tool also tracks active, non-active and total third-parties over time at a glance on the dashboard. These metrics can be used to for a better understanding of capacity and planning.

Transparency for Better Planning

One of the goals of ThirdPartyTrust is to simplify the process of third-party risk management, which includes using data for better planning purposes.

A thorough audit trails assists in detecting security violations, performance problems, and flaws in the assessments process. Ultimately, providing transparency into activity between third-parties and enterprises.

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