Our approach - making it simple

ThirdPartyTrust provides custom privileges based on roles for personalized access and relationships between job titles, departments and roles.

While you’re usually responsible for provisioning users at each third-party, with our tool, third-parties manage their own users and privileges. Thus, removing the burden of access and user management.

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Single Sign-on Integration

Our customers use SSO to centralize the user database into a single service that controls authorization to all accounts and applications.

It is nearly impossible to manage hundreds or thousands of users across different applications. We’ve made it really easy for enterprises to manage the provisioning, de-provisioning and permissioning of accounts and privileges for ThirdPartyTrust.

Vendors Manage Their Own Users

Third-parties receive their own free accounts to self manage once you’ve invited them into the platform. All you need is a starting point of contact on their side, who will be able to invite more of their colleagues to complete your requirements.