Our approach - making it simple

ThirdPartyTrust makes it simple to manage access and user controls between your internal team members and vendors. It provides roles for personalized access and relationships between job roles and individuals. Users can also be limited in their views based on their departments.

Our access management is different than others. Where usually, you’re responsible for provisioning users at each vendor, now vendors manage their own users and privileges. Ultimately, removing the burden of managing access and maintaining users for hundreds of vendors and thousands of users.

Single Sign-on Integration

The ThirdPartyTrust Single Sign-on (SSO) option via SAML allows our customers to manage their team’s users outside of our built-in user table. Our customers use SSO to centralize the database of users into a single service that controls authorization to all accounts and applications.

Some of our customers use a large number of services with a large number of end users. It is nearly impossible to manage hundreds, thousands or tens of thousands of users across tens or hundreds of different applications. For this reason, we have made it really simple for enterprises to use Single Sign-on (or directory services) to manage the provisioning, de-provisioning and permissioning of accounts and privileges for ThirdPartyTrust.

Vendors Manage Their Own Users

A key challenge for people responsible for the vendor risk management function is granting user access to vendors. It can be hard enough to manage your own users, when it comes to keeping up with changes in departments and turnover, this is even harder. Some companies perform risk assessments on hundreds of vendors annually with thousands of users.

With our software, vendors receive their own free accounts to self manage once you’ve invited them. All you need is a starting point, whom do you know at the vendor side? An account executive is enough, that person will know whom to invite internally at the vendor to complete your requirements. 


“The overall process to integrate vendors is simple.”

Information Security Analyst, Spencer Stuart

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